SuperFish Pond Eco Plus RC Water Pump


  • Equiped with Remote Control to set the water flow and head at the desired level.
  • Robust filter housing minimises the risk of blockage and makes installation and maintenance easy.
  • The motor offers very good performance with extremely low energy consumption.
  • Suitable for both submerged and dry mounted use.
  • Run Dry Protection – when the pump runs dry the pump will stop automatically.
  • Multi-step hose connection.
  • DCS ceramic drive and Vortex blades.
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The PondECO Plus RC features a remote control for adjusting the pump capacity.
Using the remote control you can activate and deactivate the pump and set the water flow at the desired level (in 10 steps) and thus save energy.


RC 10000 – Adjustable pump capacity of 4500-9200 L/h. Max head of 1.6-5.8m. Outlet size: 25/32/40mm.  Power consumption 13-68 Watt.
RC 15000 – Adjustable pump capacity of 8000-15000 L/h. Max head of 2.5-6.5m. Outlet Size: 40/50mm. Power consumption 23-130 Watt.


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