Terms and conditions

UKNishikigoi is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. If there is anything you would like to suggest or comment about please email us, or write to us at:


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Email: info@uknishikigoi.com

Dry Goods

Buying our products is easy and hassle free. Browse the store items, add them to the basket and when you are finished, check out. We will ask for a few more details to end the transaction.

We accept all major credit cards and do not charge the credit card until the goods are about to be dispatched. We will ask for payment if we have to order the goods into our store for the client.

If you are unhappy about giving credit card details over the Internet, please call to give them.

When confirmation of order is received, this is to indicate that we have received your order. It does not indicate that a contract exists between us. We will indicate acceptance of your order, and hence a contract between us, when we send you an invoice. We have included this term to protect us in the case that a mistake has been made in pricing, we have inadvertently under-priced goods, or we are no longer able to supply a particular product for some reason. In the case of a change of price, we will always contact you first to ensure that the price is acceptable.

Substitution of goods

For orders made from the UK or the European Union, 17.5% VAT is added. All other orders are VAT free.

Delivery When the order is placed at our website, credit card numbers are encrypted using 128 bit encryption. They are only decrypted after they reach our computer. They are not held in clear text on any web site. Goods will be delivered by means advertised on our website.

Livestock purchases

UKNishikigoi take every care when importing new Koi. Our Koi are fully tested for virus, parasite and physical damage. We try to be as thorough as we possibly can be. We use the current Government virus checking tests, but no test provides a 100% guarantee. We can take no responsibility for problems after the Koi has left UKNishikigoi premises.

UKNishikigoi can send Koi all over the world. We take great pride in doing so. The Koi are fully conditioned for travel. Koi bought direct from us will be covered for any loss DURING transit within the UK. However shipping Koi worldwide holds far too many risks and potential problems. Insurance will have to be sought through the relevant airline.

All livestock purchases from UKNishikigoi must be paid in full on purchase. No credit will be given on any livestock.

The sex of the Koi is done to the very best of our abilities but we cannot be exact 100% of the time.

Livestock bought direct from Japan

Livestock bought in Japan from UKNishikigoi must be paid in full on completion of order. The price will include shipping and clearance costs into the UK and a full Quarantine period before its deemed safe to release to the client. Livestock is the client’s property as soon as the transaction is complete.