Goods can only be delivered to addresses within the UK and Northern Ireland.

We are working very hard to start shipping our products to the rest of the world. Please keep tuned!

We work with Cefas to make sure all our Koi are 100% disease free and comply with most countries’ import regulations for live fish. It is illegal to send fish to certain countries, such as Ireland. All Koi sent from suppliers without the clearance UKNishikigoi hold would be destroyed upon receipt.

We have exported Koi to a growing list of countries, including America, France, Cyprus, Norway, Malta, Singapore and South Africa. You may be pleasantly surprised by the cost of freight, so if you are interested then please give us a call and we will arrange a quote for you.

Once sent, all you need to do is collect your order from the airport, a very simple operation. UKNishikigoi will have already supplied you with the paperwork needed to make it a hassle free experience.

If you do like a certain Koi on our website then do not hesitate contact us, or purchase via our highly-secure Online Store.