NT Labs Chlor-Go




Dechlorinates and Conditions Tap Water

When to Use:

  • When filling or topping up your pond with tap water.
  • Tap water contains chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals which are harmful to fish. These require neutralising for the water to be safe for fish.
  • Chlor-Go rapidly turns tap water into fish-safe pond water, and should be used for all water changes.
  • Additionally, Chlor-Go can be used during transport of new or existing fish stocks.


  • Use the dosage appropriate to the whole pond’s volume when regularly topping up an established pond.
  • Add the dosage to a small volume of water and mix thoroughly, and add half of this before filling and the other half during the top-up.
  • Chlor-Go is safe to use with all Koi Care medications.


  • Do not add the dose after re-filling the pond.


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