What is KH?
KH (dKH) is a measurement of bicarbonates and carbonates in the water and often referred to as Total Alkalinity. Carbonate hardness is the
buffering capacity of the water.

How does KH affect pH?
A higher KH level will make your pH much more stable, help prevent PH crashes and also provide health benefits. KH is also vital for biological filtration as it is constantly being consumed by filter bacteria. A level of KH above 5 is recommended.

When to use; Use before adding chemicals, blanketweed treatments or after heavy rainfall. If pH is too low, add KH BUFFER UP until desired
level is reached. A weekly maintenance dose is advised.

Harmless to fish, pets and wildlife.

1kg treats up to 10,000 litres ( 2,2000 gallons)

Dosage 100g per 1000 ltrs ( 220 gallons)

Available in 1kg, 2kg & 4kg